The new norm EN13201, what changes?


This summer, the new lighting-engineering norms are one of the main topics at Associazione Nazionale Produttori Illuminazione (Assil), whom Ariannna spa belongs.

The European norm EN13201, related to street lighting and divided into 5 parts, has been accepted in Italy and the 21 of June has been published the relative translation, whereas the remaining parts are accessible only in English.

Compared to the previous version, the parts 2,3 and 4 have been modified and  the part 5 has been added  in order to introduce two specific parameters to evaluate the installation energy performances . These parameters must be always communicated and evaluated together and they are respectively:

  • DPower Density Indicator (PDI)  [W•lx-1•m-2]
  • DAnnual Energy Consumption Indicator (AECI) [Wh•m-2].

For what concerns the changes:

  • in the part 2 have been simplified the lighting-engeneering caterogies adopting the tables of CIE 115.
  • the part 3 formalizes  the calculation algorithm, solves some discrepancies  in the calculation of the TI and introduces the calculation of EIR as parameter to characterizes the lighting in the zones bordering the roadway (it substitutes  “SR”).
  • in the part 4 has been introduced the calculation of the uncertainty of the measures and the tolerances of the project. In addition, it identifies the purposes of the measurements, by individuating specific requirements on the instrumentation and on the measurements mode.

On the base of this information, Arianna has projected its last LED luminaire Phileo, already available in the market, in order to make it in accordance with the new norm.

30 June 2016