Lighting calculations


instantanea1Lighting calculations represent one of the primary aspects of large lighting systems. The result is a custom configuration of the luminaires based on the customer’s specific needs.
Exploiting its specific skills and know how acquired in the sector, Arianna can provide customers this support, free-of-charge, for all its solutions supplied.
Custom lighting calculations mean we can ensure the right light in every context, identifying the ideal balance between the various variables, all in compliance with the relevant safety standards. By adjusting the space between poles, the power and types of luminaires and the optics available, we can optimise energy savings while guaranteeing the highest levels of visual comfort.
Our technical team extends the support offered by lighting calculations, carried out using special software, to provide customers after-sales assistance throughout the entire installation process, offering a complete consulting service.



Detailed analysis of each project means we can recommended the highest performance solutions: from final pole height, to the capacity of each individual luminaire and even the spacing between the various lights, thus guaranteeing a unique lighting experience.
Our care to details means that the lighting calculation service even covers replacement of existing lights with Arianna luminaires. Consequently, significant energy savings can also be achieved by applying patented technology and custom solutions to existing lighting systems.


Please contact our offices for details on the lighting calculations that fulfil your needs.

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