calcoli-illuminotecniciArianna offers its customers complete and customised services. More than simply products for sale, its luminaires are part of a vaster consulting process, in which lighting is a tool for achieving energy saving and personal comfort.

This is why we support customers in optimising energy savings and providing the right lighting technology solutions. Lighting can influence people’s moods, make places welcoming and improving mental-physical wellbeing.

It is important to choose the right light for each application, identifying the best solution that takes into account specific standards and individual requirements. Our team of professionals is available carry out lighting calculations for each project.


render-strada-extraurbanaThe power of LEDs and the technological innovations developed by Arianna join forces with management and control systems to further reduce waste and allow more judicious use of resources. The solutions supplied simplify the management of lighting systems, through the use of sensors and scheduling, thus bringing energy and cost savings.