Val di Sambro tunnel


During the last days of 2015, the Val di Sambro tunnel, called Variante di Valico, has been inaugurated among the motorway traffic between Bologna and Florence.
Counterbeam lighting has been chosen for the tunnel entrance, using the total reflection patent: this ensures that drivers’eyes adapt gradually to the changeover from outside light to the darkness inside.
This system improves the visibility of obstacles, preventing what is known as the black hole effect, and it’s realized thanks to Arianna’s asymmetric counterbeam optics, that directs the light in the opposite of travel direction, improving the visibility of obstacles.

See the 360° video realized in the Val di Sambro tunnel!

Technical data sheet

Val di Sambro tunnel is 3.8 km long and comprises two-one-way tubes, each with two lanes and one emergency lane. Reinforced lighting is provided by a total of 466 luminaires Teseo and Titlis models, 252 belongs to the southern side and 214 for the northern side, that present uniformity of 90% to ensure the safety of drivers.
Thanks to Arianna’s technological innovations mean the lighting in the Val di Sambro tunnel will be totally green, with energy savings of over 60% compared to traditional lighting systems.