Tindari tunnel


The Tindari tunnel is located next to Capo d’Orlando tunnel and they share the same typology and configuration. Placed in the Palermo-Messina A20 motorway, the Tindari tunnel shows features  very similar to the previous one.

Here, Arianna’s contribution consisted in the renovation of the installations of permanent and reinforcement lighting, replacing the old devices with new LED based ones. This kind of installation is necessary to requalify this motorway section, making the drivers’ passage more comfortable and safer by combining energy savings with high performances.



Technical data sheet

Tindari tunnel is located on a one-way motorway featuring two lanes and it is long 2136 meters. The devices are placed in a central position and the reinforcement installation is 750 meters long.

The installation consists of counterbeam LED lighting fixtures in the first 250 meters and LED devices with symmetrical optic in the last 500 meters, with nominal power ranging between 305 W and 90 W. The lighting devices used are 96 Teseo and 63 Snell.

The permanent lighting system uses 142 Snell, LED lighting devices with symmetrical optic and nominal power of 90 W.