SS 199 Olbia – Sassari



In the suburbs of Olbia Municipality Arianna spa has illuminated two junctions, a viaduct and an underpass along the state-highway which connects Olbia and Sassari, guaranteeing energy savings, lighting uniformity and high performances.

For this project have been installed Snell LED luminaires, purposely designed for lighting  extra-urban streets, two driving lanes, able to generate excellent luminance performances  and high longitudinal uniformity, in order to guarantee safety during the night hours.

Technical data sheet

Just before the junction number 2 SS 199 have been installed 14 Snell pole-head of 104 W, 33 of 75 W for the lighting of the viaduct and 6 suspended Snell of 44W  for the underpass. For the junction number 12, have been installed 10 Snell pole head of 104 W, and 45 of 73 W for the viaduct. In this way, the new street can praise a uniform lighting, characterised of high levels of energy savings.

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