Serra Spiga tunnel


In the 2015 Arianna contributes to the improvement of the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway illuminating the Serra Spiga tunnel, in province of Cosenza.

Lighting system is constituted by reinforcement and permanent lighting. The first one thanks to a high counter-beam optics with superior lighting engineering features, is designed from a viewpoint of energy efficiency and safety.
About the permanent lighting, throughout the patented technology by Arianna, the product’s glare level is very low, barely amounting to a fifth of the legally acceptable limit, obtaining high visual comfort.
In addition, the technology used provides for more economical spacing.



Technical data sheet

The tunnel is 600 metres long, made up of two one-way tubes, each with two lanes and one emergency lane, illuminated with 552 Teseo and Snell luminaires installed for the reinforcement lighting and 152 Snell luminaires for the permanent lighting. The results are a permanent lighting uniformity of 90%, and driver safety without creating visual disturbance.