In Rome was needed not only a catalog product, a standard product, in Rome was needed a product suitable for the peculiarity of a city like the Capital.

Rome has medium broader streets and deeper sidewalks compared to the other inhabited areas. Arianna, in order to promptly reach the lighting requirements set forth in the announcement, has studied a special optic, developing atom optics that were then combined into molecules optics capable of satisfying the required lighting levels.

Were installed Snell suspended, to be able to illuminate the streets of the historic center where it was not possible to insert the poles.

Phileo has been installed in different configurations according to different road needs for pole installations.

Technical data sheet

Historic city center, city streets and out-of-city roads: replacement of around 50,000 light fixtures, 9,000 of which cable-mounted solutions (Snell suspended) and 41,000 post-mounted solutions (Phileo).

Results: 60% energy savings compared to the previous lighting, visual comfort and extraordinary resizing of chromatic urban specifications.