Municipality of Riccia


riccia_dallaltoThe Municipality of Riccia (Campobasso) chose Arianna spa as partner for the adaptation of the public lighting system and energy saving.
Arianna’s total reflection patent generates  high levels of energy saving and visual comfort. The optic  consent to direct the light emissions towards an internal reflector that casts light uniformly down towards the ground, avoiding glare.

Technical data sheet

905 spot lights have been replaced in the city center and in the surronding urban area where have been carried out the adaptation intervation. The new generation products have replaced different kind of traditional lighting systems,  principally mercury-vapor lamps. Furthermore, some pole head Deflecto and suspended Titlis LED luminaires have been  installed.
In some applications we have chosen to install kit retrofit, the easiest way to generate energy saving without replacing all the devices already installed.
Following replacement with Arianna luminaires, Riccia municipality has switch from a total annual consumption of 660.000 kWh to 270.000 kWh circa, with 60% energy saving. Overall savings total € 65.000.


We have chosen Arianna as partner for two main reasons: energy saving and total reflection patent.  The last one has allowed us to replace only the spotlights without repositioning the poles but mainteinig the existing ones. With traditional LED systems this would not be possible.
Now the city and the square are alive in the evenings too. We have though to our citizens and our citizens live and animate the city even after the sunset.

ing. Alfonsino Moffa
Head of Technical Department