Quadrilatero Marche-Umbria


During the month of July 2016 Arianna lit up the road junction in the S.S. 318, near the municipality of Perugia, as part of the project “Quadrilatero Marche-Umbria”.

In detail, the installation of public lighting has been realized next to some critic points, represented by the crossroads of the junction between Pianello and Valfabbrica. Its purpose  was the increase of the security level during the night circulation. The road junction near Pianello includes only acceleration and deceleration lanes, while the one in Valfabbrica features also a roundabout.

quadrilatero Marche-Umbria

Technical data sheet

The Arianna lighting system requires the installation of lighting fixtures of different power consumption on 10 meters high poles; the distance between the poles is 30 meters. In the roundabout the floodlights are placed on a 30 meters high pole.

The amount of installed fixtures is the following: 24 Snell 245 W along the S.S. 318 Pianello-Valfabbrica state highway, 38 Snell 165 W, 9 Snell 245 W and 4 Titlis with a power of 65 W for the Pianello interchange; finally, for  the Valfabbrica interchange, where the roundabout is located, 82 Snell with a power of 165 W, 11 Teseo with a power of 305 W and 2 Teseo with a power of 205 W.