Pusiano tunnel



To ease the connection between Lecco and Como, last August the new Pusiano tunnel was built and launch. It is situated in the state highway called “Pusiano and Garlate lakes SS 639”.

LED illumination was realized by Arianna, that used its products Snell and Teseo. The lighting system is constituted by both reinforcement and permanent lighting. The former has a nominal power that varies between 205 W and 45W, while the latter is characterized by symmetrical optic and nominal power of 45 W.

Thanks to this kind of illumination, the lighting level is improved and so it is improved the driver safety too. Furthermore, compared to traditional lighting, we can have huge energy savings thanks to LED lighting.

Watch the video of the gallery illuminated by Arianna LED


Technical data sheet

Pusiano tunnel is 1327 meters long, made up of two one-way tubes, each width 3,5 meters, and two sidewalks 2,35 meters width. The permanent lighting devices are placed in two straight lines situated in a central position above the two lanes. The reinforcement lighting ones were placed only above the entry lane. For the permanent lighting were installed 121 Snell luminaires, total with 5,3 kW. Whereas, for the reinforcement lighting were installed 66 Teseo with a power between 205 W and 44 W and 31 Snell with a power of 58 W and 44 W.