Progon & Pržojna Padina (SRB)


In 2017 , work was completed on the construction of the Dimitrovgrad bypass, on the border between Serbia and Bulgaria, with the construction of two tunnels (Progon and Pržojna Padina) for a total length of around 3 km.

Spanning 6000 km, European route E80 is one of the longest highways in Europe, connecting Lisbon to Gürbulak on the border between Turkey and Iran, and crossing Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Bulgaria.

Technical data sheet

Lighting of the section of european route E80 on the border between Serbia and Bulgaria, at the entrance to the two new Progon and Padina tunnels. Phileo lights were installed, providing uniform illumination with low power consumption that has guaranteed excellent uniformity, visual comfort and maximum energy savings.
In these tunnels, Arianna’s solutions have permitted savings of 30% in power consumption compared to the competing proposal.