Municipality of Oristano


Arianna, in collaboration with Gemmo spa, returns in Sardinia and illuminates the famous Roma square placed in Oristano city. With total reflection LED luminaires, Arianna makes safer the city center for its citizens and tourists that every year visit it. By substituiting the previous high-pressure sodium systems it has been possible to achieve 60% energy savings, diffuse lighting without shadow areas and high levels of visual comfort. Thanks to Arianna’s LED lighting it is possible to give back light to the square and to the surrounding areas, rendering Oristano square livable and safe also by night.


Technical data sheet

A total of 100 Arianna’s Titlis of 45 W have been installed in Oristano square and in its surrounding areas: they exploit the total reflection patent, studied for ensure high energy savings levels and a concrete response to keep costs down. Some LED luminaires have been fitted on poles, designed by Renzo Piano, some others have been wall-mounted to illuminate the area by day. Also some Teseo of 200 W have been installed to illuminate the Tower of Marianus II.