Municipality of Uta


The project realized about Uta, in province of Cagliari, consisted in an upgrading of the lighting system of the Municipality, using LED lighting fixture.
In order to make it in compliance with energy saving regulations and to save the environment, the Sardinian city chose to be green, installing the LED luminaires in order to be environmentally-friendly.
The replacement of the traditional lighting system with Lola improved the city lighting. Some of the chacteristics are the aestetic perception and the attention for the environment.

Municipality of Uta


Technical data sheet

The project saw the installation of 1.225 LED luminaires, that use the internationally patented total reflection system by Arianna.
Deflecto and Lola are the two urban luminaires certificated and Made in Italy.
Thanks to Arianna technology, the municipality of Uta realized a 70% of energy saving that realized a 90.000 of cost minimization a year.
As an improvement of the lighting system and the visual comfort, the technology adopted by Arianna about minimization cost, energy saving and cancellation of the maintenance service.
The new lighting system is in compliance with the current regulations about lighting pollution.
The project was realized in collaboration with Gemmo spa.