Municipality of Sciacca


The project about the upgrading of the lighting system in Sciacca, thanks to the collaboration with Gemmo spa, saw the replacement of the traditional high pressure sodium with the LED lighting system patented by Arianna.
The main character of the upgrading is kit retrofit, inside the spot lighting, permits to benefit LED characteristics without replacing the luminaires. Visual comfort and uniform lighting are benefits thanks to the international total reflection patent by Arianna.

Technical data sheet

The square and staircases are the main characters of the upgrading of the project of Sciacca. The square was composed with 80 high pressure sodium luminaires of 150 watt and they were replaced with 60 watt kit retrofit. With this replacement the municipality has a 55% of energy saving. The staircases, was composed with 20 mercury vapour of 150 watt that were replaced with 60 watt kit retrofit. In this case, energy saving was about 64%.
New lighting system for the city by Arianna and wealth for the citizens create realiability for the municipality.


“Thanks to the partnership with Arianna spa we made a technological upgrading for the lighting system of the city without apporting any aesthetic change.
Now the new luminaires illuminate with LED lights thanks to Kit retrofit inside the device. For this reason we chose Arianna: planning flexibility with a good price/quality ratio. Color performance is higher, uniformity and visual comfort are the main characteristics. This is a win solution to satisfy the citizens needs and to give charm to the square of Sciacca”.

Cosimo Birtolo
Project Manager Gemmo SpA