Municipality of Saletto


Illuminazione LED rotatorie Saletto

The project undertaken for the Saletto Town Council involved upgrading almost all the existing lighting systems by replacing the high-pressure sodium and mercury vapour lamps with the latest generation LED luminaires, designed and produced by Arianna.
During the analysis stage, we identified the lighting classes applicable to each road, the types of fittings to be installed and the correct light levels that would be needed.
In order to better cater to the client’s needs in terms of energy efficiency and cost effectiveness, we also decided to adopt a power supply with a dimmer feature to adjust lighting levels to suit the traffic flow.

Technical data sheet

We replaced 402 of the 663 luminaires installed in the municipality of Saletto, with the project covering a total of 28 roads. Installed power was reduced by 37.9%. By replacing the luminaires, we achieved an energy saving of 46.8%,
significantly increasing the lighting of roads that had previously been underlit.
The Town Council met the performance requirements of the current standard (UNI EN 13201-2). Light pollution was reduced to comply with local code (Veneto regional law L.R. 17/2009).
The Town Council was rewarded with savings in energy bills and maintenance costs. The technology adopted successfully boosted lighting while bringing down energy consumption and making the system maintenance free.


With this project, we’ve effectively cut our spending on energy and maintenance – the biggest expenditure item on our balance sheet – by around 50%. The investment was made through a financed loan, which ensures we make a financial saving straight away, teaming cost effectiveness with a more environmentally responsible policy. Not to mention the positive effects on people’s safety and urban traffic.
Positive effects were also felt by local residents, who voiced their approval of the more natural diffused lighting produced by the street lights installed by Arianna.

Daniele Mocellin
mayor of Saletto

The project earned the important Ecohitech Award, which is given each year to companies and public bodies who have achieved significant results in terms of environmental compatibility by exploiting innovative technologies.