Municipality of Ravenna


For the Municipality of Ravenna, Arianna illuminates 13 roundabouts throughout the city and on the main road, called Romea.
The project provided for the replacement of traditional high pressure sodium with Arianna’s patented LED lighting for high masts, that illuminates extended areas with a uniform lighting, delivering light only where needed, by ensuring energy saving.
This type of lighting system guarantees high standard level of visual comfort and uniform lighting. Innovation by Arianna allows the beam light cast uniformly, focusing only where needed without any light loss.


Technical data sheet

The project provided the installation of 73 LED luminaires Teseo, fitted on poles from 20 to 35 metres. Thanks to Teseo it’s possible to obtain anular optical system that focuses on streets and not in the internal part of roundabouts; it guarantees high energy saving and a concrete response to keep costs down, with a 80% of energy saving despite of the traditional lighting system.