Municipality of Pianoro


The project designed for Pianoro district in co-operation with Solare Sociale cooperative, saw the replacement of 18 mercury vapour lamps with Deflecto LED luminaires, that exploit total reflection patent innovation and permit to reach performances in compliance with the current regulations. Lighting that originate from these luminaires is characterized by overall uniformity, reduction of glare effects and visual comfort. Thanks to Deflecto, Pianoro becomes safer and easier to drive by night.

Technical data sheet

The work took place at Ponte delle Oche zone. 18 LED luminaires Deflecto have been placed. 75% energy saving and compliance with the current regulations about lighting pollution.


Pianoro gained the Ecohitech Award 2013, sponsored by Assodel (National Association for Electronic Suppliers) and oriented to the most efficient towns that choose urban LED lighting. The reason of this choice is: “for having chosen a project of replacement of 18 mercury vapour lamps with Deflecto LED luminaires. The new LED luminaires bring to 75% energy saving, creating an energy-saving model that we hope it reach all the other luminaires in town.”.