Municipality of Novara


About the upgrade of lighting in the Municipality of Novara, Arianna suggested a high technology LED solution. The purpose of the administration management is to save energy, giving the citizens a safer town because it illuminates better.
The project involved the replacement of 1200 mercury vapour traditional lighting with 550 total reflection LED Lola and 650 Snell LED luminaires.
To complete the project also kit retrofit has been installed to minimize costs and for energy saving and 750 Roma for the lighting of parks and the green areas of the city.

Technical data sheet

The lighting solution introduced by Arianna brings the transformation of Municipality of Novara in a Smart City. The illumination is smart thanks to the telecontrol system that permits a tailor made solution. Led technology brings energy saving as a 50% reducing the energy costs in an important way. Thanks to this new system, the municipality reduces the public lighting costs and energy saving.