Municipality of Motey-Besuche



Who said that sustainable led lighting only belongs to big cities?

Here you are an example: the small Municipality of Motey-Besuche in Haute Saône. The project involved the upgrading of the lighting system, using LED lighting fixture, in order to make it in compliance with energy saving regulations.

For this installation has been chosen Lola, the patented LED luminaire that stands out for its simple and elegant design. It is perfectly integrated with the surroundings of the little old French Municipality.

Technical data sheet

21 traditional fixtures, 125 and 136 watt have been replaced by Lola LED 90 watt with the total reflection by Arianna. The new generation LED luminaires allow high standard of visual comfort and safety and bring security for the pedestrians and drivers. In order to strengthen the energy saving, from midnight to the early morning the light intensity low of about 60%, from 90 watt to 50 watt.


“Our old lighting system was made by three different models of products that consumed a lot of energy while polluting a lot. With this project, we wanted a quality product not made in China. It was important for us to achieve energy saving and respect the environment.

The difference isn’t visible with the human eye (from midnight to 6 a.m.). But citizens and elderly enjoy this lighting system which avoids the “black hole”.”


Maxime Petigny
Mayor of Motey-Besuche