Municipality of Monserrato


Monserrato-LED-lolaThe historic City of Monserrato in South Sardinia decided to develop a low environmental impact way, thus it embraced the green cause and switched entirely to LED lighting.
This is one of the virtuous cases in Italy that chose to save energy.
Arianna has been a key partner in this crucial transition by providing accurate lighting calculations in support of municipal engineering departments.
The customized study for each street, junction, traffic circle or passage allowed to bring the right light in every space realizing a significant energy savings.

60% energy saving and a cut of about 400 tons of CO2 emissions yearly for Monserrato.

Technical data sheet

The installation was carried out under the Convention CONSIP “Service Light 2” entrusted to Gemmo spa. Arianna has provided 1,500 lighting fixtures.
The choice fell on Lola for the aesthetic qualities and the design that characterize it. A product that disappears during the day and lights up the night bringing an uniform lighting without dark spots. The new lighting is made in compliance with the regulations governing light pollution.

Thanks to this installation the City of Monserrato realized a total saving energy more than 60%.