Municipality of Monselice


The project realised for the Municipality of Monselice represents the first LED telecontrolled pilot system with patented technology in Veneto realised thanks to the collaboration between the municipality and a controlled company by Centro Veneto Servizi spa, a public company which furnishes different kind of services (hydro services, waste disposal, green management, public lighting). It is about an innovative installation from the economic point of view too, given that it does not request initial expenditure for the Municipality.  The agreement, of 7 years duration, foresees that Centro Veneto Gestione Acque S.r.l.,  take on the responsability of purchasing costs and installation of new streets lighting in view of a monthly fee by the Municipality. Thanks to the obtained energy savings, the Municipality realizes an immediate saving on total management costs and, at the end of 7 years, achieve the direction of the installation. With this system, Monselice gains a substantial increasing of lighting levels and an immediate energy and economic saving.


Technical data sheet

The intervent foresees the energetic efficiency of a district by substituiting 78  traditional mercury-vapor luminaires with the same number of new generation LED.  Instead of 125 Watt lamps Monselice is now illuminated with Deflecto 50 watt of telecontrolled system and Smart City Umpi. The interested streets are road Marco Polo, Conti, Cantarella, M. Kolbe and Vespucci. This installation of 78 LED luminaires obtained a total energy saving of 65% and a better lighting.  The telecontrolled system guarantees the intelligent and customized management  of the lighting by programming the accension, the turning off and the regulation of the luminous flux based on needs of each installation.