Municipality of Melara



Melara, is a small municipality in the province of Rovigo, situated along the Po river. Melara has an innate bound with his territory and for this reason has decided to honour its tradition of respect of the environment by choosing Arianna for a pilot installation in via del Corvo. Energy savings and efficiency for the municipality which intents to switch entirely to LED substituiting all the 400 luminaires which illuminates the city.

Technical data sheet

Have been installed 27 Deflecto, patented LED luminaires which guarantee uniformly lighting without glare.
The new lumianires of 80 watts substitute the old mercury-vapor lamps of 250 watts. This consists 70% energy savings. At the same time the new installation consents to improve significantly the street lighting. Not to forget is that the new lighting system is in compliance with the norms which regualte  the luminous pollution.