Municipality of Florence


The project designed and produced by Arianna to the Municipality of Florence consisted in the replacement of traditional mercury vapor lamps with LED Lola lighting luminaires (123 watt). The purpose was about to illuminate Burchiello street in a uniform way and without dark spots. Thanks to Arianna’s technology and internationally patented system, this central street became safer in the evening too. The launch of this new luminaries was planned during Florence Light Festival, an event dedicated to innovation and energy saving.

Technical data sheet

The traditional mercury vapor 250 watt luminaires were replaced with 13 Lola, LED lighting 123 watt. This system uses the internationally patented total reflection system. This new project allows an energy saving up to 70% and a power saving up to 55%. Lola uses power supplies that apply a special algorithm to allow lumen output and power consumption to be reduced during the middle of the night. This reduction is applied in the middle of the operating period. The technology employed also allows different adjustment profiles to be set so that energy savings can be adapted to suit lighting requirements. 13 LED luminaires Lola has been placed. The Burchiello street now mets the performance requirements of the current standard (UNI EN 13201-2).