Municipality of Castelnuovo Rangone


arianna_castelnuovo-rangone The project that we came up with for Castelnuovo Rangone involved installing a lighting system along a stretch of road running through an urban centre. The client’s request stemmed from the need to upgrade a road that residents perceived as unsafe and dangerous due to the high rate of serious accidents.
In determining what work would be required, we focused on the twofold requirement of improving the lighting to make the road safer and, at the same time, making sure homes in the immediate vicinity would not be affected by light pollution.

Technical data sheet

The project was partly funded by a line of credit taken out by the regional and district authorities: the quality of the project devised for Castelnuovo was the key factor in the success of the tender. The installation involved the complete design of a system of luminaires and poles totalling 40 poles and 50 street light fittings.
By keeping the height of the poles down, we were able to improve luminance parameters significantly without subjecting existing homes to visual disturbance.
The wide-throw light distribution pattern of the luminaires installed also meant we could use wide pole spacing, thus reducing costs even further.


With the introduction of the new public lighting system, we’ve been able to achieve an energy saving in excess of 60%. Given the 2012 hike in the cost of electricity, we’ve calculated that this kilowatt hour saving will mean our investment in replacing the traditional street lights with Deflecto will pay for itself in around 3 years!
The other great outcome was a vital increase in safety for local residents: to date, there have been no night-time accidents on this stretch of road since it was upgraded with the Deflecto lights, whereas there had been 6 crashes in the 2009-2010 period, one of which was fatal.

Benedetta Brighenti
deputy mayor of Castelnuovo Rangone