Municipality of Brugine


The project designed and built for the municipality of Brugine was intended to replace existing lights in the main street of the town.

The installation is a concrete response to the desire expressed by the local authority to act in a green way with a focus on environmentally sustainable issues.

They wanted to the implementation of energy saving through a smart and green lighting while improving the quality of light and, consequently, the security for the citizens.

Given the centrality of the installation has been chosen Lola lighting fixture that combines esthetic design and a patented technology.


Technical data sheet

The project provided for the replacement of 25 traditional lighting points, with LOLA lighting fixture 120 watt. An auto-dimming device that reduce light during night hours brings to an additional 20% of energy saving

Consumption reduction of 40%.
Cost savings: about € 1,400 per year (reduction of the electricity bill).