Municipality of Balestrate


The Balestrate project it is about the creation of a street able to offer a new access road to the harbour of the sicialian city. The particularity of this lighting project lies of the conjugation, during the progectual phaseo, of two generally separated separated ambients: an internal one, the gallery, and an external one, the street.

The international total reflection patent, which characterises the installed LED luminaires, involves visual comfort, lighting uniformity and energy savings: the light emissions from each individual LED are uniformly directed down towards the ground, avoiding glare.

The lighting project of the external street has been studied in order to maximize  the inter distance of the poles and guarantee a further energy saving due to the minor number of luminaires.


Technical data sheet

The external street, 10 meter wide, it is illuminated by 14 Lola of 45 watts with an inter distance of 18 metres each; in the gallery, instead, have been installed 6 Titlis of 85 watts every 15 metres: LED luminaires for the permanent lighting of the galleries. As it is a short tunnel, only 45 metres long, the final solution does not include contre-flux reinforced lighting; the permanent lighting with Titlis guarantee high levels of illumination and safety thanks to the application of international total reflection patent.