Municipality of Donnas


During summer 2016, Arianna illuminated Donnas Municipality, a little medieval village near Aosta, in Italy.

Infact, the public amministration began a energy efficiency project. They substituted all the old technology SAP with LED Lighting system, obteining a level of energy saving equal to the 60%.

Among the streets illuminated by Arianna in Donnas Municipality, there is also a tract of an ancient roman road. The Gaul consolar roman road is one of the most important roman evidence and better preserved of Valle d’Aosta.

Snell lighting devices are perfectly integrated in the city background and they guarantee high performance and huge savings.

Comune di Donnas

Technical data sheet

In the project for the Municipality of Donnas 271 street devices SAP were substituted   with the same number of LED Snell street. The old street devices had a power of 150W, while the power of Snell street is 60W. In this way they obtained the 60% of energy saving.

In addition, LED lighting devices Snell are manteinance free and future-proof, so they allow reducing manteinance costs.