La Spezia vehicle depot


Even in urban areas lighting, is crucial maintain high levels of visual comfort and safety. For this reason Arianna has used its patented LED lighting to illuminate the buses parking area on 4 deposits ATC (Public Transport Company), in the municipality of La Spezia, in Liguria.

The parking spaces of public transport have in fact been requalified to 360°, by using wall projectors, pole and light towers, thus ensuring high standards of safety and content levels of glare, to facilitate the operations of manoeuvre of vehicles.

Technical data sheet

For the vehicles deposit of La Spezia have been installed 44 Teseo in a flodlighting towers lighting with a floating crown 30 meters high, and flodlighting towers lighting with a fixed platform 20 meter high; have also been installed 40 Snell, wall and pole mounting.

All the 84 projectors have replaced the old SAP lighting, bringing a saving of 50% on installed capacity, and a consumption savings of 65% thanks to the dimming of the power supplies.