Industrial storehouse


Even big companies are realizing how lighting costs affect the budget; they are also realizing that it is important to replace traditional lighting with LED for a better quality of work life.

For this reason, Interbrau asked Arianna to replace the traditional lighting with the patented LED lighting fixtures in it storehouse. The business establishment is placed in Villafranca Padovana, Padua, Italy.

Interbrau is an Italian company specialized in producing beer and it was founded in the early ‘80s. Interbrau was always interested not only in the quality of its products, but also in its employees’ working conditions and in the environmental characteristics. For those reasons they chose Arianna patented lighting fixtures that enable energy savings and visual comfort.

55% of energy savings was obtained thanks to this replacement. Moreover, the installation of Titlis LED lighting devices allows a financial payback that can be recovered in a few years.


Technical data sheet

The product Arianna uses for this project is Titlis suspended 105W. So, in the Interbrau storehouse were installed 20  LED lighting devices. Titlis suspended is the first lighting devices designed for large industrial and commercial areas that take advantage from the total reflection international patent. The LEDs, never visible to the human eye, can reflect the entire bright emission on a couple of internal deflectors. These are used  to direct the light in an uniform way. The result is an optic with uniform light and without glare. It is appropriate for creating an excellent level of visible comfort.