Sports hall of Castenaso


DSCN0253-400x225The Castenaso sports hall (Bologna) is a multifunctional structure which hosts the national A1 female valleyball, the A2 male basketball matches and the sportive dance during the “Bologna Open Castenaso”. Arianna’s project of Castenaso consisted in a lighting adjustment because FIPAV, the volleyball federation, change the standards imposing a lighting of  300 lux on the ground.
The lighting adjustment of the whole building has been possible thanks to Titlis LED luminaire and his patented optic, guaranteeing not only the adaptation to the norm, but also visual comfort and lighting uniformity.

Technical data sheet

We opted for a Led innovative illumination that, thanks to our total reflection patent, would be able to give uniformity to the ground and answer to FIVAP requested standards. The Arianna’s Titlis projectors of 105 watts replaced 36 mercury- vapor lamps of 250 watts, switching from 120 lux circa to 300 lux with a general uniformity of 98% on the volleyball field and of 92%  on the basketball field. The new  total reflection LED illumination has more than doubled the lux (2.5 lux more than the previous system),  realized lighting uniformity and generated 63% energy saving. It is a more efficient system which illuminates better and decrease the consumption of energy. An environment friendly solution which consents to the athlets to play better and to the audience to better enjoy the matches.