San Pellegrino Tunnel


Another successful collaboration between Bouygues E&S InTec Italia S.p.A. and Arianna S.p.a. for the redevelopment of the San Pellegrino tunnel. It is also part of the #greenlight project promoted by ANAS.

San Pellegrino Tunnel Arianna and Bouygues

Inner of of the San Pellegrino Tunnel. Phileo tunnel.

Ensure the best lighting to the driver has always been our mission.
Arianna dealt in LED lighting since its foundation and in a few years has managed to achieve the leadership in the tunnel lighting.
The variety of environments, systems, informations and specific regulations make the tunnel a very complicated application. Our technical and design team has decided to specialize to ensure maximum safety. This primacy makes us the ideal partner for every type of lighting, because whoever is able to offer the right light where the conditions are very complicated is certainly able to illuminate every life situation. Along the streets like during your moments of sport and fun. Our projectors have an  optical system simple, modular and flexible, and make the installation and maintenance easier.

Phileo tunnel attacco a canala per Galleria San Pellegrino

Phileo tunnel singolo


In San Pellegrino tunnel they installed Phileo in tunnel version.

For the entrance they installed Phileo tunnel with couterbeam optic that achieve hight luminosity levels with low power for a great energy saving. The total reflection patent applied to all Phileo’s optics, make it the ideal projector also to illuminate in the opposite driving direction. Hiding the light source greatly reduces the glare that remains far below the limit allowed by the regulations.

The same product, but with symmetrical optics, is installed along the entire length of tunnel for permanent lighting.

The choice to use the same floodlight both for the entrance and for the entire length of the tunnel has facilitated the installation operation.

In the San Pellegrino tunnel Arianna’s support team has already made the measures of luminance and uniformity, that confirmed both the design expectations and the conformity to the norms.

The ANAS #greenlight project continue….