Galleria Colle Capretto


Another gallery signed by Arianna for the ANAS’ #greenlight project.

The Colle Capretto Gallery in Umbria is part of  ANAS’ Lot 3. The tender was awarded by Bouygues E&S InTec Italia S.p.A. which has chosen Arianna’s as partner for LED lighting.

In this photo we compared the permanent lighting of the Gallery before and after the requalification. The Arianna lighting system assurances a uniform light, without shadow zones and dispersions.

For the Colle Capretto Gallery we used a single product: Phileo tunnel. Different power sizes to meet the stringent regulatory requirements of tunnel lighting.

For the entrance(reinforced lighting only during the day) we have designed a solution that can quickly adapt the eye to the darkness of the tunnel. Phileo tunnel 6 modules with high power and short spacing between luminaires .
Counterbeam optic with total reflection patent, capable of reaching the required luminance levels without glare and containing consumption.

We also chose Phileo tunnel for permanent lighting, which is turned on 24 hours a day.  A single product, a single shape, the same clamping system to facilitate installation and maintenance work. Phileo’s modular optical system allowed us, by changing the reflectors, to reduce consumption and illuminate without waste along the entire length of the tunnel.
Total energy savings exceed 70% compared to the old lighting.

Phileo tunnel features

Single version

The modularity of Phileo makes it the ideal floodlight for any type of tunnel. È stato possibile sostituire punto a punto i vecchi proiettori potendo rispettare i valori richiesti dalla curva di luminanza del tunnel.

The total reflection applied to the Phileo reflectors makes it the most comfortable floodlight in the tunnel.

Even where the counterbeam lighting (directed towards the motorist) is the most convenient, our floodlights guarantee glare levels below the permissible limit (less than 2%).

The reflector system hides the LEDs from the driver’s view, guaranteeing unique visual comfort.

Handiness, safety and energy savings are key elements for Arianna. The starting point for the study of all our products.

ANAS’s #greenlight project is certainly one of our biggest prides. 4 of the 8 lots will signed by Arianna!