Costa Incoronata Tunnel


The Costa Incoronata Tunnel is part of  #GreengLight project by ANAS of the 2016.

Arianna, in the course of 2018, thanks to the collaboration with the best technological facilities manager engineers in Italy has managed to win 8 different batches, for a total forecast of about 50,000 tunnel luminaires in the three years 2018-2020.

Anas has stipulated the first contract for the start-up and maintenance of the tunnel systems through the supply and installation of latest-generation LEDs with regulation and monitoring of consumption in place of obsolete lighting bodies. The stipulation concerns Batch 6 (macro area Anas of Calabria). The tender was awarded to A.T.I. Sielte S.p.A. and Tekno-Ele S.r.l. who have chosen as their partner for the LED lighting Arianna spa.

The Anas’ GreenLight project (triennial Framework agreement)  provide for the replacement of the lighting luminaires with latest-generation LED,  aimed both at reducing energy consumption, but also at increasing safety levels in the tunnels, thanks to improved visual comfort on the road.

The Costa Incoronata tunnel is located on the A2 motorway, one of the most important roads in South of Italy and is part of the E45 European Road. It is consisting of two mono-directional tubes with two traffic lanes and one emergency lane.

The installation of the Phileo tunnel in the entrance area, and the Snell tunnel, for the lighting of the entire tunnel in the permanent lighting (active 24 hours a day), have guaranteed energy savings of more than 65% compared to old lighting. All the luminaires installed for the reinforcement are designed with patented total reflection optics that reduce glare, ensuring greater safety for drivers.

Worthy of note is the diligence of Arianna spa, of A.T.I. Sielte S.p.A. and Tekno-Ele S.r.l. in this project, thanks to which the Galleria Costa Incoronata is the  first tunnel of Anas “#GreenLight” to be turned on and to operative.

A collaboration that has led to a great result, synonymous with precision and dynamism.

Technical data sheet

For the lighting of Costa Incoronata tunnel, 404 Snell tunnel were used for the permanent lighting, whose photometry is designed to reduce glare and ensure uniform illumination on the ground.

For reinforcement lighting were choosen Phileo tunnel single version (86 pieces) and double version (173 pieces) with a total reflection counter beam optic able to contain the glare for drivers’ safety.