Copreno tunnel


The Copreno tunnel project was developed in collaboration with Costruzioni & Ingegneria Elef, and includes the use of LED technology for the illumination of 45 tunnels among the Pedemontana Lombarda motorway. It’s a prestigious project that recognizes the innovative patented technology by Arianna.

Following installation of the luminaires, uniformity measured during technical inspections is very high (90%) as regards the permanent lighting, guaranteeing driver safety without feeling uncomfortable. At the same time, glare is belowe 3% less than one third of the value required by the standard on tunnel lighting levels.


Reliability, visual comfort and energy savings are thus key points of this tunnel, which stands out for the use of total reflection patent luminaires.

Technical data sheet

The entire lighting project was designed with the aim of achieving energy efficiency. The tunnel is around 170 metres long and features two lanes of traffic and a deceleration lane. Luminance values at the tunnel entrance are 110 cd/m2.

Reinforced lighting is provided by 110 265-watt Teseo luminaires and 16 205-watt Teseo luminaires, while 22 85-watt Titlis luminaires provide permanent lighting. Installed permanent lighting power is therefore 2 kW, with 34 kW for reinforced lighting, giving a total of 36 kW.
One unique aspect of the Pedemontana motorway is the system that uses dual luminaires, operating alternately. This solution doubles the lifespan of the luminaires, which need to stay on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.