City of Sharjah


Arianna has started a pilot project in collaboration with Aplyled, consisting of the replacement of high-sodium pressure systems with Lola luminaires in the city of Sharjah, in the Arab Emirates. This luminaires have been installed in Sharjah in order to obtain uniformity of light precisely where it is needed avoiding glare.

A full photometric simulation was conducted to determinate the best setup in terms of achieving desired LUX levels on the ground as well as the best possible lighting distribution.


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Technical data sheet

For the first installation have been replaced 24 high-sodium pressure systems with the some amount of 120 W Lola, which ensure high standards of visual comfort and, thanks to their elegant and sober design, they insert perfectly in the city context.

In this way, it is possible to obtain high level of energy saving and uniformity of light, decreasing significantly the replacement and maintenance costs.