Cape Orlando Tunnel


Arianna returns in Sicily to illuminate Cape Orland Tunnel (ME), located along the A20 Messina-Palermo motorway.
The requalification project of the tunnel is composed by reinforcement and permanent lighting. The first one guarantees a uniform diffused lighting and a low level of glare; the second one, instead, combine high performances and high savings thanks to the innovative features of the luminaires.
The aim of this project is to contain the costs thanks to energy savings and to make the streets safer and more comfortable.


Technical data sheet

Cape Orland tunnel is 1980 metre long and it is divided by two one-way lanes. Permanent lighting is provided by 131 Snell luminaires of 90 W: they are the ideal products to illuminate uniformly 24 hours a day without creating visual disturbance to drivers. For what concerns reinforced lighting, have been installed 46 Snell and 92 Teseo luminaires, both with different unit power, from 305 watts to 90 watts, guaranteeing a luminance of  140 cd/m2  .