Bonatti tunnel


Arianna contributed to make safer Bonatti streets in Avellino by lighting the related underpass. Bonatti tunnel is composed of a permanent lighting system with Titlis LED luminaires, which assure lighting uniformity and maximum safety. Therefore has been installed a reinforced lighting system thanks to Teseo LED luminaires: performant products which guarantee safety  and  contain glare.


Watch the video of the gallery illuminated by Arianna LED

Technical data sheet

In a 450 metre one way Bonatti tunnel have been  installed 76 Titlis of 55W for the permanent lighting, guaranteeing an ingress luminaire value of  65 cd/m2.

For what concerns the reinforced lighting instead have been installed 96 Teseo and 28 Titlis, assuring 90% uniformity and total energy saving 60% despite lighting systems which previously illuminated the tunnel.