Beach Volley Arena


Beach Volley Arena

In order to specialize more and more in the sports areas lighting, Arianna can boast the installation of its LED lighting for the beach volleyball court in the town of Arzerello, in province of Padua.

For this project, the old metal halide projectors have been replaced with the aim of making the illumination of the playing field more uniform, and obtain a high energy saving.

Thanks to the installation of Snell LED lighting, it has in fact achieved 70% energy savings, higher than what you usually get in the passage between traditional lighting and LED.

Technical data sheet

For the Arzerello Beach Volleyball Arena were replaced metal halide floodlights 400 W power each, with as many LED lighting Snell bodies of 140 W power each, getting the 70% of energy savings.

During the post-installation testing in the field of Beach Volley, were detected 100 lux with good uniformity of illumination across the entire field.