Arzerello football field


Campo da calcio di Arzerello

After illuminating the Beach Volley Arena of Arzerello, a small village near Piove di Sacco (PD),  Arianna lights up also the new football field, which is located near it. In this way, the Municipality of Arzerello can complete the cost efficiency project.

Thanks to the installations of  Teseo LED lighting devices, with asymmetrical optics, the obstacles visibility is improved and a uniform lighting area is created, without disturbing eyesight, making the field more comfortable.

Technical data sheet

In the Arzerello football field were installed 6 poles, each one with 2 Teseo with a power of 205 W (total 12 devices). The ascertained lighting values are, on average, 100lux. The innovation in this patent lighting device is the fact that it allows the correct direction of  the luminous flux, positioning it where it is more necessary and avoiding dispersion. In this way it allows huge energy savings and a correct illumination.