Amman Queen Alia Airport


Arianna inaugurates the 2016 by illuminating the access areas of Amman Queen Alia Airport, where have been installed 158 Snell LED luminaires.

The project, realized thanks to the partnership with Elef and a local partner, enabled the adaptation of the illumination of the roads facing the Amman airport.

In order to participate to the project, Snell has been tested in laboratory and it resulted conformed to JAS requirements, the Jordanian organization that controls quality and safety standards.

Moreover, Snell ensures advantages in terms of light pollution and citizen safety, due to the fact that the roads appear uniformly illuminated.


Technical data sheet

To illuminate the driveway of the airport and the parking zone have been installed 117 Snell LED of 140 W and 51 of 105 W fitted on poles 12 metres high, utilizing the Q optic to illuminate properly both the street and the sidewalk. The efficiency in terms of energy and economic savings has represented the main driver for the final choice of the installation of these road equipments, which allow a uniform illumination without any form of waste. The technological characteristics of the installed Snell LED luminaires brought energy savings for 60%  compared to the traditional high-pressure sodium system, guaranteeing a return on investments in just a few years.



“This pilot project enabled us to be selected among the major world players to illuminate the city of Amman- affirms satisfied Alberto Giovanni Gerli, founder of Arianna s.p.a. We are honored of our first installation in Middle East because it’s a prestigious project in a receptive market on the public illumination side and we hope that the Amman airport represents the beginning of a fruitful collaboration.”


Alberto Giovanni Gerli
Fondatore Arianna Spa