Industrial warehouse


Arianna illuminates the first industrial warehouse in Padova with its patented Led luminaires. The project for the redevelopment of the production area of Omicron company was aimed at achieving an optimal working environment with high-quality lighting and energy savings. 

Thanks to the international patent and the optic studied for the high bay solutions, we obtain very performant results in this context: energetic and economic savings, visual comfort and wellbeing of the employees. For Arianna this is an important case history for its industrial applications.


Technical data sheet

Arianna installed 24 Titlis industrial led luminaires of 110 watts, substituiting 12 mercury-vapor lamps of 400 watts and 6 fluorescent lamps of 130 watts both active for 3000 hours per years in an industrial plant of 600 m2. Before the installation of the plant it realized a nergy consumption of € 3.300  per year.  After the requalification with Arianna’s led luminaires we calculate that an annual consumption of €1.300 circa. Overall savings total €2.000 a year circa, meaning the initial investment will be repaid in 37 months.