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Teseo is a luminaire designed for reinforcement lighting. It is characterised by photometric data that aim to maximise luminance response. The light blade has been designed to minimise glare and the light under the luminaire, so as to reduce any electricity wastage.

Counter beam lighting

Fotometria Teseo The tunnel entrance area requires a very high level of illumination to make the transition from bright light outside the tunnel to the dark environment inside the tunnel.
For this specific area, Arianna has designed an asymmetrical, counter-beam lighting solution which projects the light in the opposite direction to the direction of travel. Ensuring a high level of safety, this method tends to enhance the visibility of obstacles by increasing the contrast between illuminated background and the vertical surface of any obstacles remaining in the shadow (because it is illuminated in the opposite direction).

Different configurations of Teseo are vavailable, from 70W to 230W, in order to provide the required light both for the tunnel entrance and the transition area: Teseo can be used with remote-control and with light detector to further reduce energy consumption.


The total reflection patent, registered in 2008 and internationally recognised, is a technological innovation that borrows from astronomy. The system involves the use of a reflector inside the luminaire, whose purpose is collect the rays of LED light and focus them onto the ground uniformly. The LEDs are thus concealed from view, significantly reducing glare. Visual comfort and energy saving are the tangible consequences of the total reflection system.

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