Teseo street


Torrefaro Teseo

Teseo is the LED floodlight designed for use on floodlighting towers lighting roundabouts. This is the first system designed for this application to exploit Arianna’s patented technology. It delivers high standards of visual comfort and lighting uniformity.
The innovation developed by Arianna allows the beam of light to be aimed correctly, focusing it where it is needed and avoiding light loss of any kind. Arranging a number of Teseo floodlights on the head of the tower produces a ring of light that – by being focused on the road rather than on the roundabout’s central island – results in considerable energy and financial savings while providing correct lighting. Teseo is the reliable answer to roundabout lighting needs.

Auto-dimming device

Auto dimming

Teseo uses power supplies that apply a special algorithm to allow lumen output and power consumption to be reduced during the middle of the night. This reduction is applied in the middle of the operating period. The technology employed also allows different adjustment profiles to be set so that energy savings can be adapted to suit lighting requirements.

Roundabout CE1

Roundabout CE1

Arianna luminaires have been designed to grant visual comfort related to street safety. The roundabout lighting is studied to minimize energy waste directed under the luminaire (where it is most likely to find green areas), and to convey that light where it is most needed (on the roadway).

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The total reflection patent, registered in 2008 and internationally recognised, is a technological innovation that borrows from astronomy. The system involves the use of a reflector inside the luminaire, whose purpose is collect the rays of LED light and focus them onto the ground uniformly. The LEDs are thus concealed from view, significantly reducing glare. Visual comfort and energy saving are the tangible consequences of the total reflection system.


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