Teseo is the LED luminaire that exploits the international total reflection patent. The internal reflector is designed to guide LED emissions and direct them in a smart way only where it is necessary, giving energy saving and high performances. This luminaire is suggested into two different applications: for flodlighting towers lighting roundabouts and for support lighting in urban and suburban tunnels.

Teseo street

Torre faro In urban lighting environment, thanks to Teseo it is possible to obtain a ring of light that, by being focused on the road rather than on the roundabout’s central island, results in considerable energy and financial savings while providing correct lighting.

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Teseo tunnel


Inside tunnels, Teseo is the luminaire with counter beam optical with  photometry that aims at optimize the luminance answer, reducing glare effects and the light under the luminaire, focusing it where it is needed and avoiding light loss of any kind.

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Tunnel lighting solutions


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