Phileo street


The first born of the Phileo family is Phileo street, a luminaire with modular structure able to satisfy all the lighting requirements.

The optical sistem comprises a series of modules, it includes a series of elements that can be combined to create an optical system that adapts to different lighting needs.

8 basic optics have been designed that, thanks to the ease of installation and replacement in the 6 slots available, are able to obtain thousands of different photometries.

The optics can be adjust at 0° e a 180° so as to deliver the right light to roads and walkways with just one product.

Phileo street in the two versions available Eco and efficiency can reach luminous fluxes up to 30.000 lm and system efficiency that exceeds 150 lm/W, and obtained the higest rating  (A8+) IPEA (luminarie parameterised efficiency index).

Efficiency is not limited to the light source alone, but rather is amplified by series of technolical details and new structural features that increase savings. 

Phileo suspended

In the absence of poles and for all the applications in the center of the road, Phileo suspended is the ideal lighting solution to maintain the right balance between energy saving and visual comfort.