Phileo mini


Phileo mini is born for urban street lighting.

The same mechanical and functional features of Phileo but in a smaller appliance of only 7.5 kg. The device can be inspected without the use of accessories thanks to the clip closure.

Phileo mini is equipped with an adjustable articulated join suitable for post and outreach arm mounting.
The optical system comprises up to 2 single or 1 double optics and guarantee from 2,000 to 10,000 lumens with system efficiencies up to 150 lm/W. 7 base optical configurations in total reflection aluminum, interchangeable to obtain exactly the required photometry, without dazzle.

Phileo mini reaches the light fluxes needed for most urban streets ensuring uniformity and visual comfort.

Ideal for cycle-pedestrian tracks, neighborhood streets, squares and historic centers, in general for all applications that require low powers.

The modular and effective solution to maximize economic savings.


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technical data sheets Phileo mini | Technical data sheet 437 KB
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