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Flexible, adaptable, efficient:
Phileo brings light, safety and harmony to every context and with maximum energy sustainability.

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Phileo is the new generation reflection light designed for street lighting. The innovations devised and patented by Arianna on reflected light systems ensure top performance with a new concept in versatility: one single technological lighting solution for a multitude  of situations, greater attention to safety and energy saving, formats and solutions designed for all urban contexts, with maximum efficiency in smalla and large spaces.

high-performance and efficient product both in terms of luminance and energy consumption, designed with technical specifications that minimise costs and maximise visual comfort.

Innovative solutions for easy maintenance and replacement of individual parts. Wave profile at the top with a large cast aluminium surface for heat dispersion through its mass and  to assist convection of air from below that carries outside

The reflector is modular
and is completed with specific combinations designed to make the luminaire’s optics adaptable to specific lighting requirements. The modular structure (from 1 to 6 modules) means with quick-fit system can be used to insert different optics, either symmetrical and asymmetrical, depending on specific needs and customisations.

Careful optical design, high-quality materials, advanced LED sources, efficiency and reliability tested to highest levels in the street lighting sector, ensure considerable savings in term of design, installation and operation.

To respond to the needs of city councils and municipalities, Phileo features a tool free design, with clip opening, making maintenance faster and simpler.

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Phileo can adapt to any urban context, taking on different forms yet at the same time maintaining an unmistakable design. This is why Phileo comes in two different sizes, as well as in a tunnel lighting version.


From 3 to 6 modules and from 6,000 to 30,000 the modular structure allows to insert multiple optics according to the customizations required in order to maximize savings.

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Phileo mini

From 1 to 2 modules and from 2,000 to 10,000 lumen output Phileo mini is ideal for suburban streets, squares and old town centres, bike lanes and footpaths, and all low-power applications in general. Phileo mini is the perfect choice to maximise savings.


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Phileo tunnel

Perfect to replacing existing lamps and capable of reaching of up to 50,000 lm. Phileo features remarkable modularity: by replacing the optics, it can be used in each part of any tunnel, from entrance, with counter beam optics, to permanent lighting with symmetrical optics.

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In each configuration, it is the ideal product for smart cities, thanks to powerline or wireless remote control and the possibility to add further functions, such as car park management, traffic and pollution control, etc.

Phileo is therefore the ideal solution for street lighting in cities and country areas, car parks, squares, bike tracks and footpaths.

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The total reflection patent, registered in 2008 and internationally recognised, is a technological innovation that borrows from astronomy. The system involves the use of a reflector inside the luminaire, whose purpose is collect the rays of LED light and focus them onto the ground uniformly. The LEDs are thus concealed from view, significantly reducing glare. Visual comfort and energy saving are the tangible consequences of the total reflection system.


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