Phileo tunnel


Phileo tunnel is the family of reflecting floodlights combining top-of-the range performance with a new concept in versatility 

Perfect for replacing existing lamps and capable of reaching the high power required for reinforcement lighting of up to 50,000 lumens.
Thanks to the possibility of replacing the Phileo tunnel optics, it is the ideal device for every area of the tunnel. With symmetric optics for the permanent lighting, it ensures visual comfort throughout the tunnel length and with a total reflection optics, guarantees glare control and avoids dispersions, ensuring a low TCO.

The modularity of the optics, characteristic of the Phileo family, offers hundreds of photometric scenarios and flows ranging from 2,000 lm to 50,000 lm with a system efficiency of up to 150 lm / W.

The accessories supplied with the product for tunnel applications make it suitable for any type of installation.

Design designed to optimize heat dispersion which, together with the choice of quality materials, ensures long service life without maintenance and burdensome and problematic operations in an environment such as the tunnel. The presence of the side clips allows ordinary maintenance without the use of tools.

For the counterbeam where high performance is required,  has been studied the two-module version.


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