Petrarca is the modular and efficient floodlight with very high field efficacy for
Large Areas, Sports Facilities and tunnel lighting


With light flows from 12,000 to 150,000 lm PETRARCA ensures the right lighting for every large space and every situation.

  • Patented reflection optics
  • Innovative aerodynamic thermal project
  • Compact and modular projector

guarantee high efficiency, uniformity and visual comfort

LED, modules, optics are configured on each specific space. The thermal study and guarantees a long lasting system with little maintenance.

In SPORT FACILITIES the total reflection applied to the optics of PETRARCA ensure zero glare on the game and high visual comfort. For each phase of the game: training, competition, partial use of the playing field, the system uses exactly the necessary light and without dispersion to optimize energy savings.

In LARGE AREAS visual comfort, security and energy saving are the strong points of the PETRARCA system. Total reflection in airports, interports, ports and parking areas guarantees the maximum quality of light for workers and people, eliminating glare and exposing all areas to the light.

In Arianna’s TUNNEL LIGHTING project PETRARCA, Low and competitive costs, it has a studied design in order to optimize heat transfer. The symmetrical optics and reflection ensure visual comfort for the whole tunnel; in the entrance the counter beam flux optics and total reflection guarantee both the control of glare and avoid dispersion.

Petrarca : The LED solution that increases energy saving in tunnels, large areas and sports structures. from lighting project to configured lighting system.


Extreme modularity for each space to be illuminated.

5 configurations with different fluxes and different efficiencies:

  • 1 module: lumen output from 12.000 to 25.000, system efficacy up to 137 lm/W
  • 2 modules: lumen output from 25.000 to 51.000, system efficacy up to 137 lm/W
  • 3 modules: lumen output from 38.000 to 77.000, system efficacy up to 138 lm/W
  • 4 modules: lumen output from 51.000 to 102.000, system efficacy up to 140 lm/W
  • 6 modules: lumen output from 76.000 to 154.000, system efficacy up to 140 lm/W


5 interchangeable optics:

Patented total reflecting optics: symmetrical, asymmetrical and rotosymmetrical for the different situations.

Each EN AB 44300 die-cast aluminum module weighs 6.7 kg.


The total reflection patent, registered in 2008 and internationally recognised, is a technological innovation that borrows from astronomy. The system involves the use of a reflector inside the luminaire, whose purpose is collect the rays of LED light and focus them onto the ground uniformly. The LEDs are thus concealed from view, significantly reducing glare. Visual comfort and energy saving are the tangible consequences of the total reflection system.


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